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The Hamburg branch office was established in 2014 and handles numerous projects across northern Germany. Some of Hamburg’s current activities are listed below by way of example:

  • preparation of planning documents for radiation protection, nuclear engineering and decommissioning
  • case-by-case certification for clearance pursuant to § 29 Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV) for boiling water reactors
  • calculation of clearance levels
  • preparation of clearance concepts for German and foreign nuclear power plants
  • investigation of suitable measurement devices
  • simulations of logistical process in nuclear engineering and underground operations (sequence simulations)
  • evaluation of a decommissioning plan for an as yet unbuilt WWER nuclear reactor
  • performance of studies into the conditioning of radioactive waste
  • (automated) preparation of packaging concepts for activated components
  • testing of compliance with radiological final disposal conditions for waste
  • preparation of emergency plans in line with the Nuclear Waste Management Commission (ESK) guideline and with Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA) emergency manuals
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