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An extract from our list of previous projects is shown below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

  • Various project progress reviews in Asian and African countries in connection with projects for developing the mining sector
  • Consultancy to Oman’s Ministry of the Economy and mining authority and geological service regarding the further development of the mining sector with
    • review of mining legislation
    • preparation of an organisational structure including terms of reference for the mining authority to be set up
    • analysis of mining royalties system and preparation of proposals for improvement
    • analysis of licensing processes and preparation of proposals for improvement
    • analysis of natural resource potential by evaluating the results from the exploration campaigns from the preceding 30 years
    • preparation of possible development potential for selected natural resources for domestic further processing
    • identification of primary objectives (natural resources and regions) for further exploration activities
    • preparation of tender documents for further exploration activities
  • Expert report with risk study into the exploration and extraction of natural gas from unconventional deposits in North Rhine-Westphalia (i. e. fracking) and their impact on the ecosystem, in particular on public drinking water
  • Research Association Mining and Environment (RAME) in Vietnam
    • stabilisation and remediation concepts for Chinh Bac heap in an opencast coal mine,
    • minimising dust emissions from opencast coal mining in Quang Ninh.
  • Evaluation of the results of the provisional safety analysis for Gorleben (VSG) (inter alia regarding geological and mining matters such as ventilation)
  • Mineral deposit investigation and evaluation of epithermal gold mineralisation of Mina Palai and Mina Islica, Sierra Cabo de Gata
  • Evaluation and hazard assessment of mining heaps and residue deposits from copper shale mining in the Mansfeld depression as the basis for preparation of a remediation concept
  • Investigation and evaluation of the levels of environmentally relevant heavy metals in surface samples from Adolf heap (Herzogenrath-Merkstein) with regard to planned subsequent use
  • Remediation of settling ponds at Helmsdorf and Dänkritz sites
  • Remediation of mining heaps and an abandoned opencast mining pit of the Ronneburg uranium mine site
  • Evaluation of remediation options for the Seelingstädt industrial tailings facility
  • Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical modelling of the flooding of a uranium mine in Ronneburg
  • Evaluation of flooding options for Königstein underground mine
  • Assessment of the environmental impact and remediation planning for Stan Trg/Stari and Artana/Novo mines in Kosovo
  • Support for ICMM (Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals) in developing a geological service in Kosovo
  • Performance of a measuring programme for assessing the environmental impact of the gold mining industry (South Africa)
  • Mathematical modelling of hydrogeological and geochemical pollutant transport
  • Management of residues and industrial settling facilities
  • Development of a waste management concept for pipe scrap from oil and gas production facilities
  • Environmental monitoring and remediation of oil/water reservoirs in the oil and gas industry
  • Release criteria for underground disposal and backfilling sites
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