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Plants, Processes and Energy

The Plants, Processes and Energy Business Area focuses on the planning and implementation of facilities and processes for avoiding, mitigating and monitoring emissions by in-process environmental protection.

We have been advising and supporting our customers with environmental engineering and professional expert opinion services for about 40 years, primarily through our branch offices in Aachen and Andernach on issues such as:

  • environmental law and technical consultancy/plant planning,
  • licensing and monitoring of facilities,
  • Immission Control Ordinance/Major Accidents Ordinance,
  • water protection,
  • waste,
  • energy management and integrated management systems (quality, environment, energy),
  • product responsibility (REACH), as well as assisting with the
  • provision of external environmental officers (ISB, GSB, AbfB, GefahrgutB, StörfallB).

Our staff are experienced all-rounders who not only have experience in design and planning, but also in actually putting their ideas and projects into practice and supporting you in your operation.

We appoint external, approved environmental officers, for example for immission control, water protection, waste and dangerous goods, as well as officially authorised and sworn experts for environmental licensing procedures.

This means we are capable of developing individual solutions to any company-specific problems in operational environmental management.

Further information can be found in the Services section or simply by getting in contact with us.

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