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BRENK is incorporated as a limited liability engineering company according to German law and is entered in Aachen District Court commercial register B under number HRB 7494. BRENK is employee-owned.

The executive bodies of Brenk Systemplanung GmbH are

  1. the general meeting as the decision-making body pursuant to the German Limited Liability Companies Act and
  2. the Managing Directors.

The Managing Directors bear overall responsibility for the company. They represent the company both internally and externally and have sole right of representation.

The corporate hierarchy is flat and consists of three Managing Directors, Heads of Business Area, project managers and project engineers/scientists.

Depending on the requirements, nature and scope of a project, the Managing Directors, Heads of Business Area, Heads of Business Field and project managers also act as project engineers/scientists.

The company divides its projects between five operational Business Areas, each of which is technically, commercially and personally managed by a Head of Business Area, and the Commercial Administration and Controlling (KV) Business Area which is responsible for the payroll and financial bookkeeping, accounting, purchasing, personnel management and financial control.

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