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Decommissioning and dismantling

Our services relating to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities in particular include

  • estimation of radioactive waste volume,
  • planning of major component dismantling,
  • design and planning of waste treatment facilities,
  • software-assisted planning of dismantling and packaging of radioactive waste,
  • support during the licensing procedure,
  • safety evaluations,
  • simplification of monitoring of the surrounding area as dismantling proceeds and
  • radiological characterisation for decommissioning and dismantling.

In the context of the dismantling of nuclear facilities, we can also appoint personnel and organise on-site measurement devices in order to carry out the following tasks:

  • radiological inventories and sampling,
  • metrological evaluations,
  • performance of decontamination measures,
  • implementation planning,
  • preparation of documentation for supervisory personnel and
  • preparation and management of waste documentation.
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