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Branch Offices

BRENK now has a presence at four locations in Germany.

In addition to the registered office in Aachen, BRENK also operates the following three branch offices:

  • Andernach
  • Bruchsal
  • Hamburg

These branch offices, like the Aachen office, offer BRENK’s entire range of services. Our four locations in Germany have close links with each other which means we are regionally represented and can serve our customers from their immediate vicinity.

While the Aachen, Hamburg and Bruchsal branch offices have grown up over our history, our Andernach branch office is rather different because it is the result of our 2014 acquisition of “Ingenieurbüro für Umweltschutz und Energie” (founded by Mr. Hens).

The following sections outline some of the services which are currently specialisms for each of the branch offices. However, as we have already indicated, our branch offices also offer BRENK‘s entire range of services.

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