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Planning and licensing procedures

We work both for operators and for the authorities in the following areas:

  • long-term safety analyses
  • hydrogeological and geochemical analyses and mathematical modelling
  • atmospheric pollutant transport investigations, including measurements
  • mathematical modelling of pollutant propagation in the air
  • ventilation
  • geomechanical analyses
  • radiological and occupational health and safety
  • calculation of radiation exposure in accordance with the general administrative instructions
  • radioecology
  • technical operational optimisation
  • development of waste management concepts
  • environmental and radiation protection
  • shielding calculations
  • criticality analyses
  • incident and accident calculations and analyses
  • emergency preparedness
  • preparation of record books/operations manuals
  • advice in the course of the licensing procedure
  • preparation of licensing documents
  • tendering and contract awarding
  • project management
  • monitoring and quality assurance
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