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Mining and environmental management

When developing new deposits and selecting a suitable processing method, investors and operators have to strike a balance between optimising natural resource extraction in economic and technical terms and taking a sufficiently precautionary approach in terms of technical environmental protection.

Those carrying out closure or rehabilitation projects, in contrast, are faced with the task of having to make targeted use of, generally limited, reserves with the aim of used-related remediation.

In both cases, complex, site-specific issues have to be addressed which can only be solved by an interdisciplinary team and generally require a combination of practical and simultaneously theoretical approaches.

  • Our experts and specialists will provide you with a high quality, cost-effective solution which completely meets your requirements and entirely complies with the relevant code of practice.
  • Early identification of possible risks reduces their costs and increases your return.
  • Thorough planning and prudent operation help to limit your liability and minimise your expenditure on insurance.
  • A reliable risk assessment will facilitate the funding of your project.
  • Forward-looking environmentally compatible planning from the outset of a project avoids subsequent costly remediation measures and helps you to mine sustainably.

On the basis of some 30 years of experience in mining and environmental management, we are entirely capable of offering independent, reliable and innovative services spanning the entire mineral resource cycle, both for project owners and for the regulatory authorities.

In addition, our team of highly experienced, internationally recognised experts has the capability to advise governmental organisations in connection with economic, legal and strategic issues in the mining sector.

Details of these services can be found in the following sections.

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