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Laboratory and measurement devices

Since 2015, we have extended our range of measurement devices and set up our own laboratory for measuring samples containing radionuclides at our Aachen registered office.

Using selected measuring instruments from many different manufacturers, our experienced instrument technicians can provide you with independent and well-founded answers to any radiological and measurement questions, whether on-site at your premises or with the assistance of our own radiological laboratory.

We use the following measuring instruments:

  • in situ¬†gamma spectrometer based on HPGe (ISOCS),
  • laboratory gamma spectrometer (HPGe),
  • contamination monitor of several suppliers, partially with additional separate measuring probe,
  • dose rate measuring devices of several suppliers,
  • portable NaI and Cs-I gamma spectrometer (InSpector, Sigma)
  • liquid-scintillation-counter (LSC, Triathler bzw. TriCarb),
  • wipe test measuring station (WIMP),
  • portable H-3 monitor (UMo),
  • portable measuring device for Radon contamination (AlphaE),
  • ionisation chamber for measuring of Radon (AlphaGUARD) and
  • personal dosimeters for on-site use.
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