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Markets and legislation

Our services relating to economic, legal or strategic matters in the minerals sector come together in strategic advice for government agencies such as mining authorities. In particular, such projects usually arise in connection with the development of the mining sector, including for example the development of the legal basis (acts and ordinances) for mining shutdowns or for handling pollutants (conventional and radioactive) in the mineral resources sector. The mineral industries here include not only traditional mining, but also the oil and gas industry and geothermal energy providers. In some cases, investigation is required for both technical engineering matters and the consequent legal or economic issues – a combination of technical expertise which our team, together with further internationally recognised experts in mining, macroeconomics and legislation, is entirely capable of. Our services in this connection include:

  • review/development of mining and associated environmental legislation (e. mine closure and rehabilitation)
  • testing and optimisation of licensing and administrative processes
  • development of organisational structures for mining authorities and supervision during implementation of the necessary measures for putting these organisational structures in place
  • consultancy, preparation of tender documents and project management in connection with development programmes in the mineral resources sector
  • analysis of mineral resource development potential on a regional, national or international scale
  • market studies for mining companies, investors and the supplying industries
  • controlling and preparation of expert opinions for quality assurance
  • training of personnel
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