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Natural radioactivity (NORM) and radon

Radiation protection is of particular relevance in the fields of natural radioactivity (NORM) and radon, where the risks are easily overlooked. Underpinning this situation is the fact that natural radioactivity can lead to significant exposures in activities or from materials not explicitly subject to radiation protection licensing.

Problem solving relating to NORM and radon requires comprehensive knowledge and experience in radiation protection. Beyond this, an interdisciplinary approach spanning areas such as plant and construction engineering, waste disposal, geothermal energy, mining and environmental management is often essential. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts will support you in developing bespoke solutions to your unique challenges.

Our business field „NORM and Software systems“ collates our expertise and consulting services, offering our customers multidisciplinary professional support and project management.

To assess your radiological situation, our NORM professionals conduct on-site measurements, providing our own instrumentation suitable to the task. Together with our clients, we develop solutions and concepts for the management of NORM, including risk and impact assessments, suitable controls and disposal options. Our radon experts provide comprehensive advice on the subject of radon, from radon soil surveys and risk assessments for new or existing buildings to the development of suitable and effective occupational health and safety measures.

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For more in-depth analysis and data science solutions, our Business Analytics section provides additional support services.

Did you know? Since June 2022 we are officially recognized as an authorized expert organization under German radiation protection law “for the assessment of workplaces with exposure to naturally occurring radioactivity”. Five of our employees are approved technical experts in the field of NORM. We provide our expert consulting services to the best of our knowledge and in compliance with current radiation protection legislation, impartially and without direction.

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