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Impactor measurement

  • 25. June 2020

Brenk Systemplanung operates two impactors of type DLPI+ from Dekati, i.e. particle measuring instruments for determining particle masses and particle size distributions from a gas flow, for several years now. The measurement capabilities of these impactors cover a wide particle size range from 6 nm to 10 µm in 14 size fractions for a highly accurate analysis of particle size distributions. For isokinetic sampling from the gas volume flow, a large number of nozzles and adapters are available. The mass of each particle size fraction can be precisely determined with a high-precision fine balance which we operate in our laboratory under climate control. In contrast to other analysis methods, the samples from the individual impactor stages are available for further analysis after the measurement.

In addition to our other analytical services, we are now making this measuring technology available to our customers. These measurements are particularly relevant for:

  • Combustion process studies,
  • Air quality measurements,
  • Occupational health and safety studies,
  • Engine exhaust measurements,
  • Nanoparticle measurements,
  • Determination of the source terms for dispersion calculations for radioactive or non-radioactive aerosols from all types of plants and installations.