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Clearance support software for buildings, sites, materials

In PUG³, we have developed a highly flexible clearance support software for buildings, sites and materials in and around nuclear facilities and for releasing them from the requirements of the Nuclear Energy Act which supports the demolition of a nuclear facility from sampling and radiological characterisation right through to the decision measurement and documentation of clearance.

We feed our practical experience from numerous dismantling, decontamination and clearance projects into PUG³ to make sure it always stays right up to date. This includes:

  • expansion modules relating to the clearance of residues and site,
  • assignment of residues arising during dismantling in or decontamination of roomsor site areas in a “contamination atlas” including any data required for clearance and waste management and
  • the possibility of graphical representations for planning and evaluating measurements, e.g. material samples, dose rate, surface contamination or in situ gamma spectrometry measurements.

All PUG³ expansions are available as modules and can be selected by customers in line with their needs.

PUG³ is currently in service with

  • PreussenElektra GmbH at the Würgassen and Stade facilities,
  • EnBW Kernkraft GmbH at the Obrigheim, Philippsburg and Neckarwestheim facilities and at
  • Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen mbH.

Further current information can be found in our product datasheet or by getting directly into contact with us.

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