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Monitoring of the area surrounding nuclear facilities

CAISE is the system for online monitoring of the area surrounding nuclear facilities on the basis of meteorological and radiological measurements in accordance with the “Guideline for emission and pollution monitoring for nuclear facilities” (REI).

CAISE primarily assists you with routine tasks relating to the monitoring of the surrounding area and to radiation protection. It furthermore acts as a real-time decision-making aid in exceptional circumstances, such as for example in the case of elevated emissions. CAISE is, however, also an effective training tool and functions as a simulator for exercises.

The evaluation results are displayed or output in the form of tables and graphics on site-specific maps of the surroundings. A special module is available for generating routine reports for the authorities which, on the basis of a dialogue, outputs appropriate tables and reports in the form specified by the authorities.

CAISE runs on conventional commercial PCs under the Windows operating system. A standard up-to-date PC is sufficient to meet requirements. The CAISE system configuration consists of the actual evaluating computer and a number of workstation computers. All the computers are linked together via a local network.

Further current information can be found in our product datasheet or by getting directly into contact with us.

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